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In-plant communications systems

In-plant two-way radio systems offer an excellent way to improve communications between key personnel within any organization. Portable radio units provide instant contact and allow work crews to immediately respond to critical situations, in addition to solving communications problems for day to day maintenance, shipping and supervision. UHF repeater base stations can be equipped to interface with the existing in-plant telephone system. Any telephone may now easily communicate with personnel working throughout the facility.

HX381 Standard Portable

Manufacturing plants, schools, movie theaters, shopping malls, colleges, hospitals and a variety of other facilities all rely on two-way radios to assist in getting the job done efficiently. Solid choices in two-way portable units, backed by MIDCOM's local service facility, assures your in-plant communications system stays in service, easily paying for itself in savings to your organization.

Internal two-way radio systems are custom designed to provide exactly the features and levels of performance required to solve your specific communications problems. MIDCOM Service can provide either analog radio systems or newer Kenwood NEXEDGE Digital radio systems. Let us work with you to provide solutions to your in-plant communications needs.

For more information on MIDCOM's in-plant communications systems, please contact us.


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